Obnoxious Red Doberman

Your Dog Can Keep You Healthy — But Only If He’s Obnoxious

Have you noticed strange rhythms in your heartbeats? Is your weight spiraling out of control? Did you just find out the cause of those dizzy spells was extremely high blood pressure, not low blood pressure? Surprised you are suddenly diabetic?

You know you have to change your lifestyle. Maybe you even started. But you keep making excuses not to, because you have found out it is so hard to keep it up.

That was me, too, until I rescued a friendly, handsome, outgoing, obnoxious Doberman who won’t let me quit. Here are 6 ways that an obnoxious dog can help you:

1. Get your 30 minutes a day of exercise every day, whether you are in the mood or not

Once you have taken your obnoxious dog on a walk, he will insist on going again. If you go on a walk at the same time every day, he will make sure that you do it.

Once you are on your walk, he won’t let you shorten the distance. He will always push you to go faster. He will drag you along if you don’t comply.

My obnoxious dog brings me his leash at walk time. He stands in front of me. He makes annoying noises that I can’t ignore.

I have to go for a walk. Every. Single. Day.

2. Encourage your dog when he buries your cigarettes

An enthusiastically obnoxious dog makes it easier to quit smoking or change other bad habits.

Obnoxious dogs don’t like cigarette smoke. They make this obvious. They sneeze. They wrinkle their nose. They glare at you.

The truly obnoxious dog will steal your cigarettes. When you are not looking they will bury them.

Even though this can be irritating, I have to look on the bright side — it makes my dog so happy when he pleases me. And it will make me so happy when I have changed myself.

3. Improve your diet by sharing your meals with your dog

Obnoxious dogs want to be part of the family.

They want to eat with you. They want to eat the same thing that you do. They want to eat at the same time that you do.

If you are going to share, it’s good to keep your dog in mind. That means fresh vegetables, no sugar ,and fresh unprocessed meat. No more hot dogs.

It is amazing how much better my dog and I feel without the hotdogs.

4. A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away

Obnoxious dogs want you to play with them. They want to share the fun.

They like you to relax so you’re welcome to have your glass of wine. But they want you at the top of your game and not tipsy.

My dog and I relax with a glass of wine for me and a game of fetch for him. At the same time.

5. Your dog can keep your weight under control

More exercise and a better diet mean you are burning more calories and taking in less of them. A side benefit is a little more muscle.

Your dog likes his new routine. He won’t let you stop.

Your dog is helping with weight control.

And so is mine.

6. Your dog is a people magnet — never be lonely again

A friendly handsome good-looking dog likes people. They can see that and instead of just saying hi, they start a whole conversation.

When you take your obnoxious dog for a walk, you will always have things to talk about. You will always have something to do

People recognize my dog from halfway down the block. Sometimes they know his name before they learn mine. I have a lot of new friends because of my dog.

An obnoxious dog could become your new health coach.

Your new obnoxious friend will help you drop your old bad habits like smoking. He will help you keep your new good habits like exercise and better diet. He will help you keep your weight under control without you having to count calories.

Best of all, he will bring new people into your life.

My obnoxious dog helped me start a healthier lifestyle.

I bet one can help you, too.

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